Easy Scrambled Tofu

The best thing about scrambled tofu is that you can use up all kinds of stuff out of your fridge, a great way to use up odds and ends and prevent food waste.

This is supposed to be a quick and easy recipe, so I’ll keep my ramblins’ short.

It’s super important to use what you have in the fridge, so I’ve kept this pretty generic. At the bottom, you will see some specific flavours I like to inspire you, but I strongly recommend that you start by checking your fridge for what needs to use used up — food waste is not cool, kids!


Gather your ingredients:

For 1-2 peopleFor 2-4 people
1/2 lb tofu
1-2 cloves garlic
1/2 onion
about 1 tbsp seasonings
about 1 cup veggies
about 1/2 TBSP braggs
1/4 cup broth
2 TBSP nooch
1 lb tofu
2-4 cloves garlic
1/2 onion
about 2 tbsp seasonings
about 2 cups veggies
about 1 TBSP braggs
1/2 cup broth
1/4 cup nooch

You know how much your family eats, or if you’d like to have leftovers for a wrap for another breakfast (it freezes well!).

Heat a bit of EVOO (that’s extra virgin olive oil) in a cast iron pan, while you chop garlic, then add that to the pan:

Now grab your tofu, and break it up in your hands. Don’t use a knife, don’t e a work, use your hands. Not to get on a whole tangent, but people don’t use their hands enough when cooking. Get in there, love that tofu up! Try not to have any chunks left that are bigger than a quarter, aim for variety of sizes, it will make the texture better.

While the tofu is doing its’ thing, chop and add the onions:

Next add your seasonings — this time around, I did thyme, turmeric and cumin because that’s what I damn well felt like. See flavour variations at the bottom for inspiration.

Mix that shit up

Add your veggies as you chop them, things that cook faster first.

In this case, I used red peppers and cremini mushies (and spinach at the end) because that’s what needs to be used up in my fridge. You should start with what you have that needs to be used up, and if you are stumped, see the bottom for specific flavour ideas.

Once your veggies are loking good, go ahead and at the bragg’s (or tamari, or soy sauce, or whatevs) and the broth:

Once it’s done some nice steaming and all the veggies are allllllmost done (think tender crisp, noone wants mushy veggiess) add any leafy greens you were going to add (spinach, kale, nettles and/or many wild greens like plantain could go in right now) and the nooch (that’s nutritional yeast, a protein and b12 rich hippie vegan thing that is delicious and nutritrious).

Serve and eat!

5 ways to do it

Everyday (shown above)

  • Veggies: Peppers and mushrooms
  • Spices: thyme (could sub oregano, savory, or italian spice), ground cumin, turmeric, parsley

Indian Style

  • Veggies: chopped potatoes (pre boiled or very finely chopped) & peas
  • Spices: curry powder, whole cumin seed, turmeric, fresh cilantro

Cheesy Broc

  • Veggies: chopped proccoli
  • Spices: more garlic added later, extra bonus nutritional yeast, a touch of sriracha
  • Extra: top with hemp for taste and nutrition


  • Veggies: chopped wild mushrooms, shallots, some plantain from the sidewalk outside (not the banana thing, the leafy green you can forage)
  • Spices: Italian Herbs or similar mix, up to 1 TBSP finely chopped white pine needles
  • Extra: splash of white balsasmic vinegar


  • Veggies: corn, peppers, sweet potatoes, black beans, jalepenos
  • Spices: texmex mix (cumin, oregano, chili powder, cayenne, coriander), cilantro
  • Extra: a squeeze of lime

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